LED lights today are getting brighter and brighter; smaller and smaller. But is brighter really better if the quality of the light is compromised by outdated focusing technology?

Is a smaller frame enough, or should it be a smaller frame that can be operated with only one hand? How about beam distance and run time? Warranty and materials? While most light companies want to tell you about their quantity of lumens (brightness), we’d like to talk to you about our quality.

We’d like to show you the difference between bright and clearly brighter - what it means when your light is a German engineered Led Lenser.



You can even charge mobile devices and USB devices on this battery pack on the torch.

What can you do with a XEO? Anything. Everything. And you can do it 24/7, because darkness won't slow you down.

Any low-visibility job, night-time operation, or after-dark activity is safer and easier when lit by 2000 powerful lumens.

With a LED LENSER XEO, night becomes your new frontier, After all, why should you stop just because the sun called it quits?



Introducing the SEO 7R both powerful and lightweight, features Smart Light Technology for switching quickly between high and low power and a signal mode and also features LED LENSER’s patented Advanced Focus System for either a wide beam for reading a map, or a powerful spot for long distance visibility.The patented OPTISENSE technology, measures the light level in the user’s surrounding area in real time. The light then adjusts its brightness automatically, saving battery life and providing the user with just the right amount of light, hands free. 



The LED Lenser H14R Rechargeable LED Headlamp is an innovative headlamp with astonishing luminosity. The beam of the H14R is both focusable and swiveling, allowing you to adapt the headlamp to the task at hand. The H14R is rechargeable, and can also be operated with standard batteries.

A universal fastener, included with the H14R, makes this headlamp even more versatile - transforming it into a mobile spotlight, belt light and more.The H14R will impress you with its eco-friendly energy concept and its extreme brightness.



The new model H8R offers many features from the homogeneous circle of close range lighting (defocused) to a sharply bundled long-distance beam (focused). The brightness, beam distance and lighting duration are ideally coordinated for the energy source.This awesome H8R rechargeable headlamp also has a massive run time of up to 10 hours at a maximum output of 600 lumensThe H8R is both cost effective and lightweight, with a beam distance of up to 150 meters and weighing just 158gr including batteries.


LED Lenser MH3 headlamp best price


The Led Lenser H14.2 Head Torch ZL7299 is the new, improved and insanely functional successor to the original and much loved H14. Designed and engineered in Germany to provide maximum convenience and powerful hands free lighting, the Led Lenser H14.2 is packed with the latest in LED lighting technology. Each Led Lenser H14.2 Headlamp uses Smart-Light Technology, which features multiple settings that caters for the situation at hand, ranging from boost to power and low power. The body of the Led Lenser H14.2



The brand new LED Lenser i-series has been specifically developed and designed for industry and trade in mind. The yellow and black units are robust, functional and very durable.

The i-series combine sustainability with functionality and are high performing, yet very easy to use. They are the first choice for trades-persons, electricians and industrial workers.They feature the high quality and solid manufacture typical of all LED LENSER products.


LED Lenser MH3 headlamp best price


We've taken one of our most popular LED headlamps and made it brighter, lighter, and easier to use. An upgraded lens for our Advanced Focus System adjusts for either long-distance viewing or close range illumination, and a revised durable tilt mechanism puts light just where you need it. 

Our new wheel switch allows you to easily control light intensity, and special touches like an added carabiner hook and a new ergonomic fit make the H7.2 a headlamp you'll soon wonder how you did without.



The new model H3.2 offers many features from the homogeneous circle of close range lighting (defocused) to a sharply bundled long-distance beam (focused) – The patented Advanced Focus System with reflector lens enables efficient, tailored lighting with excellent Led Lenser lighting quality. 

The brightness, beam distance and lighting duration are ideally coordinated for the energy source.The H3.2 is both cost effective and lightweight, with a beam distance of up to 100 meters and weighing just 133 grams including batteries.



A stylish and compact buddy for all kinds of outdoor activities: With just a few hand movements, you can transform your MH3 from a headlamp to a multipurpose light.

Our innovative mounting system is easy to use and the clip on the lamp head makes securing it to your shirt or belt simple. And of course the MH3 gives you maximum flexibility when used as a headlamp: the Advanced Focus System allows for quick and easy beam adjustment and the smooth swivel mechanism always directs the light exactly where you need it.


LED Lenser MH3 headlamp best price

Many revolutionary products first saw the light of day in a garage. Such was the case of the first Led lenser. When Harald and Rainer Opolka founded the company Zweibrüder Optoelectronics in 1993, they really didn’t have much more than a garage, an old Atari computer, a set of tools, a drawing pad and around 1,000 Deutschmarks of seed capital.

But that didn’t stop them from turning many a night into day with their flashes of genius, working hard and dreaming of great success during a few hours’ sleep.A dream that would soon become reality: Nowadays the former garage company is an international flashlight and headlamp producer, unmatched on a worldwide scale.

With over 1,500 employees we share the aim of getting a little better every day – and indeed in everything we do. We are therefore continually extending our product and accessories range, scrutinizing even tried and tested ideas, and increasingly relying on sustainable energy sources. At the same time, responsibility is far more important to us than shareholder value. That’s why we prefer to invest profits in training programs and company housing for employees in China, to get involved in social projects, and to foster ecological practices.And because we know that you can achieve more together, we rely on strong allies: Since 2011 Zweibrüder Optoelectronics has been cooperating with the Leatherman Tool Group in the USA.

Together we stand for unique innovations, top quality, environmentally-friendly technologies, as well as prizewinning design. And of course for the fact that brilliant ideas can start small – such as in a garage.