Carry Bag to suit the Weber Q2000N, Q2200N, Q2600N+, Q2800N+, Q200, Q2000, Q2200

BBQ Model: Q2000N
Add optional BBQ Plate Bag: No

DUFFLE BAG TO SUIT THE Weber Q2000N, Q2200N, Q2600N+, Q2800N+, Q200, Q2000, Q2200

Enhanced Portability: The bag is specifically designed to facilitate easy transport of Weber Q2000, Q2200, Q2000N, Q2200N, Q2600N+, and Q2800N+ models, ensuring your BBQ can accompany you on all your adventures seamlessly.

This BBQ Carry Bag makes transporting your Weber grill effortless, perfect for those who love to barbecue on the go.

Vehicle Protection: The design aims to keep your car or caravan free from grease and smells associated with barbecuing, maintaining cleanliness during transport.

Keep your vehicle clean and odour-free when transporting your BBQ, thanks to this meticulously designed carry bag.

Padded Base: An added layer of padding at the bottom of the bag provides extra protection for your BBQ and prevents damage to your vehicle's interior.

The padded base of the bag cushions your BBQ, protecting it from bumps and scratches during travel.

Weatherproof Construction: The bag's dual-layer construction ensures it is prepared for all weather conditions, keeping your BBQ safe and dry.

With its weatherproof features, this bag guarantees that your BBQ stays dry and secure, no matter the weather.

Optional BBQ Plate Bag: For added convenience, there's an option to include a bag for your BBQ plates, offering even more organizational flexibility.

Opt for the additional BBQ Plate Bag to keep your cooking plates organized and easily accessible.

Discover the benefits of our BBQ Carry Bags for the Weber Q2000 Series, designed to revolutionize your BBQ transportation experience while protecting your car and caravan. This bag ensures that your vehicle remains free from BBQ mess and odours during your travels, allowing you to enjoy your adventures without any hassle.

The BBQ Carry Bags boast a weatherproof dual-layer construction, including a water-resistant and abrasion-resistant 1680D Ballistic Nylon material known for its durability and longevity. A padded base adds extra protection, safeguarding your BBQ and your vehicle from potential damage.

One of the most significant benefits of this BBQ bag is its ability to contain the smells and mess associated with barbecues. The heavy-duty, weather-resistant zippers keep odours locked inside, preventing them from permeating your car or caravan. This feature allows you to travel worry-free and fully enjoy the comfort of your vehicle without any unpleasant smells.

Additionally, the bag's design effectively contains grease and other BBQ residues, ensuring that your vehicle and caravan remain clean and free from any mess. Keeping your BBQ securely stored in this carry bag can prevent potential stains and damage to your car and caravan interior, saving you time and effort on cleaning.

Wide, comfortable handles with a soft neoprene grip on the top of the bag, along with grab handles at each end, make it easy to carry and move your Weber grill on your next outing.

(The product is manufactured by Outcamp and is not an official Weber product)

80cmW x 50cmD x 38cmH