Starlink Roam Roof Rack Mount

$12.00 Flat Rate Delivery in Australia

  • Australian-Made Construction: Crafted from UV-resistant ASA plastic, ensuring durability against Australia's harsh sun.

  • Custom Fit Design: Locks securely onto the original shaft of the Starlink Roam satellite dish and provides a slot for the connector cable plug.

  • Versatile Mounting: The base measures 130mm x 60mm with 8mm holes (90mm apart) for mounting on various roof racks, platforms, or flat surfaces.

  • Stationary Use Optimized: Specifically designed for stationary use, ensuring optimal signal reception when parked.

  • Easy Installation: Seamless fit with standard hardware, though bolts are not included.

Travelling across Australia's vast landscapes often means venturing off the grid. But with the Starlink Roam Roof Mount, staying connected becomes a breeze, even in the most remote locations. Proudly Australian-made, this mount is specifically designed to secure your Starlink Roam satellite dish to the roof of your vehicle, ensuring a stable connection wherever your adventures take you.

Constructed from UV-resistant ASA plastic, this mount promises durability against the harsh Australian sun. Its design allows for a snug fit, locking onto the original shaft of your Starlink dish and providing a slot to secure the connector cable plug. This ensures that your satellite dish remains firmly in place, even in challenging terrains.

The mount's base measures 115mm x 60mm and comes equipped with 8mm holes spaced 84mm apart, making it versatile enough to fit on various roof racks, platforms, or any other flat surface. However, it's essential to note that this mount is designed for stationary use only, ensuring optimal signal reception when you're parked and settled.

Installation is straightforward. While bolts are not included, the mount's design ensures a seamless fit with standard hardware. Once installed, you can rest assured that your Starlink Roam will remain secure and out of the way, ready to provide you with high-speed internet connectivity whenever you need it.

Whether you're a caravanner exploring Australia's hidden gems or a digital nomad seeking a reliable internet connection in the great outdoors, the Starlink Roam Roof Mount is an indispensable travel accessory.