Bungee Loop And Ball x 10

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10 Pack

The Bungee Loop And Ball Set is an indispensable tool for outdoor enthusiasts, offering a versatile solution for securing awnings, tarps, and other camping accessories. Whether you're anchoring a tarp through its eyelet, using a tarp clip, or simply wanting to keep your tent poles and camping gear organized, this set has got you covered.

Designed with durability and convenience, each set includes 10 Ball & Bungee Cords, with 4mm bungee cord diameter each measuring 200mm long and stretching to 400mm. These cords are perfect for organising tent poles, extension leads, and ropes. Wrap the bungee loop around multiple items, passing the end back over the ball for a secure and tight hold. Whether you're fastening down awnings to solid beams, securing items in windy conditions, or bundling together camping essentials, the Bungee Loop And Ball Set is your go-to solution for a hassle-free outdoor experience.