Starlink Round Surface Mount

Colour: WHITE
  • Glue or Bolt-on Mounting to the roof of your caravan, boat or any flat surface - Designed to be fixed using an adhesive or screwing on to avoid drilling into the roof of your van or boat.
  • Australian-Made Construction: Crafted from UV-resistant ASA plastic, ensuring durability against Australia's harsh sun.
  • Custom Fit Design: Locks securely onto the original shaft of the Starlink Roam satellite dish and provides a slot for the connector cable plug.

  • Versatile Mounting: The base measures 120mm x 120mm for mounting on various flat surfaces. It can Either be bolted using 6mm bolts or glued on.

  • Easy Installation: Designed to be glued onto the top of any flat surface with a silicone or suitable adhesive to achieve a strong weatherproof bond.

Experience seamless internet on the go with the Round Starlink Surface Mount, designed for both land and sea. Made from durable UV-resistant ASA plastic, it withstands harsh conditions while ensuring your Starlink stays secure. Its universal design fits snugly onto the Starlink Roam, with a dedicated slot for cable management.

Installation is simple: clean, apply adhesive, and attach for a reliable, watertight seal. Ideal for homes, boats, and caravans. Optionally the mount can be screwed or bolted down using 3 x 6mm bolts for a more robust attachment. This mount guarantees stable satellite connectivity in any environment. Stay connected effortlessly wherever your travels take you.