45 Litre Waterproof Duffel / Backpack

$12.00 Flat Rate Delivery in Australia

  • Fully Waterproof, Airtight zipper.- No annoying rolltop.
  • Multiple grab handles and tiedown points.
  • 3-way Adjustable Carry - Backpack, Shoulder bag or Handheld duffel.
  • Heavy-Duty Grab handles.
  • Airtight, watertight design
  • Ultrasonic welded waterproof seams.
  • Air Bleeder valve for compressing the bag or adding air for flotation
  • Water-resistant external pocket.
  • 500D PVC fully waterproof exterior fabric.
  • Silicone grease zipper lubricant included. 

  • Dimensions:
    Medium - 55cm x 25cm x 34cm (22" x 10" x 14")
    Weight 1.0kg

    Outcamp's waterproof duffel bags are engineered to meet the toughest of trail-blazing demands. Crafted with a durable PVC exterior fabric and airtight zipper closure, these bags ensure your clothing, gear, and equipment stay safe against exposure to rain, snow, water, and dust.

    No need for a complicated roll-top opening, each bag comes with silicone grease for zipper lubrication and maintenance. Offering size options from 46L to 60L, Outcamp delivers a duffel bag for any outdoor endeavor, from short-term camping trips to extended 4x4 journeys.


    Boasting lightweight and durable construction, this duffel/backpack can be easily worn as a shoulder bag, a backpack, or carried via the heavy-duty handles, offering versatile wearability.
    With numerous tie-down points and straps on its base, fastening the bag to your roof rack or motorbike is effortless. Plus, the air breather valve can be opened after loading, allowing excess air to escape and rendering the bag more compact, then secured to maintain its shape.
    Perfect for safeguarding your gear while kayaking, boating, or fishing.

    (Note this product is not manufactured in Australia. Due to the fully waterproof design, it is not possible to manufacture locally with the equipment required.)