Starlink Gen 3 Pole Mounts

$12.00 Flat Rate Delivery in Australia

Pole Diameter Outside: Pole Mount 20mm - 32mm
Pole Mount 20mm - 32mm
Pole Mount 30mm - 45mm 
Pole Mount 45mm - 53mm
  • Quickly attach it to your Gen 3 dish and mount it up off the ground:
    This custom-designed mounting system attaches to the back of the dish using the original locking mechanism and is available in 3 sizes to suit a range of existing pole diameters. The shaft swivels, enabling you to orientate the dish in the correct direction.
  • Australian-Made Construction: Crafted from UV-resistant ASA plastic, ensuring durability against Australia's harsh sun.

  • Custom Fit Design:Locks securely into the base of the dish using the same system as the OEM mount. Squeeze the base of the mount to quickly unlock and remove it for packup. 

  • Versatile Mounting: The mounting attachment can be combined with any of our mounting options to enable you the flexibility to set the dish up where you like, from roof racks, bull bars, caravan roofs, pole mounts, extendable pole mounts that were designed for the Gen 2 and even the original old 4 leg tripod from the old Gen 2 actuated dish. 

  • Stationary Use Only: Specifically designed for stationary use, ensuring optimal signal reception when parked. NOT to be used while in motion.

  • Easy Installation: Simply insert the router cable into the bottom of the dish then clip in the mount. Swivel the dish on the shaft to point in the correct direction for the best reception.