Gen 3 Starlink Marine Flat Rail Mount - 32mm / 25mm Railing

  1. Flexible Design: The mount's design allows you to rotate the dish to clear nearby obstacles and equipment.
  2. Universal Fit: Compatible with both 32mm and 25mm railings, with a rubber insert to adapt to 25mm railing.
  3. Stainless Steel Hardware: Includes stainless steel bolts for a secure, rust-resistant fit.
  4. Quick Installation and Removal: Easy-to-install design ensures your Starlink is set up swiftly and securely.
  5. UV Resistance: Crafted from UV-resistant ASA plastic, offering lasting durability under the harsh sun.
  6. Australian Made: Locally manufactured, embodying top-quality craftsmanship and resilience.

Product Description:

Navigate the waters while staying seamlessly connected with the Starlink Marine Mount, engineered exclusively for the maritime sector. This robust mount is ideal for attaching your Starlink to your boat, ensuring a stable and safe connection throughout your aquatic journey. Made from UV-resistant ASA plastic, it's designed to combat the corrosive marine environment and the intense Australian sun, providing a sturdy and reliable fixture for your satellite dish.

The mount's custom-fit design securely locks into the back of your Starlink. The addition of a rubber sleeve allows the mount to adapt between 32mm and 25mm railings or tubes, offering a universal solution for a variety of boat sizes and designs.

Installation is straightforward and user-friendly, with stainless steel bolts included for a firm, rust-resistant attachment. Specifically designed for the marine environment, the Starlink Marine Mount ensures that your connection remains uninterrupted, whether you're navigating calm waters or steering through a storm.

Invest in the Starlink Marine Mount for a worry-free, high-speed internet connection on all your maritime adventures, and experience the ease and reliability that comes with a top-grade, Australian-made product.