Starlink Gen 3 Roof Rack Mount Low Profile

Colour: Black

Starlink Gen 3 Flat Mount Low Profile Roof Rack Mount

Flat mount your Starlink Gen 3 dish to your roof rack. This system mounts the dish to the roof rack using 3 points of contact for a secure and reliable mount. The centre bracket is bolted into the T-Slot roof rack using included stainless bolts and nylon nuts.

The dish is then clipped onto the mount using the original mounting system.
The tool included sliding underneath the dish to make clipping the dish easier.

The two support brackets are then slid up against the ends of the dish to prevent it from unclipping and stop flex and vibrations on rough roads. 

The system allows for quick removal when required simply by loosening the end mounts and sliding away from the dish then unclip the main centre mount and lift it off.

  • All stainless steel 8mm bolts included.
  • A mount removal tool is included to reach under the mount to unclip.
  • 50mm in height when fitted to the roof rack.
  • 750mm Overall length required on the roof rack.
  • UV Resistant
  • Made In Australia