Starlink Gen 3 WiFi Router Cradle

  • Permanent or part-time mount:The cable can either be run out on either side of the cradle for quick installation and removal, or they can be run out the centre hole if the cables need to be run down.
    Simply click the router in to install and flex the top of the cradle up to remove.

  • Screw-on or double-sided tape mounting in your caravan or canopy:Designed to be affixed to the wall of your van using screws or an adhesive.
  • Versatile design: The power cord and dish cable can be run out either side of the mount or up vertically with channels in the mount.
  • Australian-Made Construction: Crafted from UV-resistant ASA plastic, ensuring durability against Australia's harsh sun.

  • Custom Design Fit:Locks securely onto the body of the router for peace of mind while travelling. Easily removed when needed bu releasing the locking tabs.

  • Easy Installation: Designed to be glued onto the top of your van or any flat surface with a silicone or suitable adhesive to achieve a strong weatherproof bond.

Designed to suit the WiFi Router for the Gen 3 / V4 model of Starlink dish.

The Starlink Wifi Router Mount from Outcamp is designed to provide a secure and stable platform for your Starlink WiFi router, perfect for those who are constantly on the move. It's specifically crafted to withstand the harsh Australian environment, making it ideal for installation in caravans, canopies, or boats.

The mount boasts easy installation and versatile design options for effective cable management, ensuring a tidy setup. Its UV-resistant construction guarantees durability, while its custom fit for the Gen 2 actuated model offers a tailored solution for seamless integration into your mobile setup.