Carry Bag To Suit the Weber Baby Q1000N, Q1200N, Q1000, Q1200 Q100

Select BBQ Model: Baby Q1000N
Add optional BBQ Plate Bag: No - BBQ Bag Only

DUFFLE BAG TO SUIT THE WEBER Q1000N, Q1200N, Q100, Q1000, Q1200 Premium MODELS

  • Durable and Weatherproof: Utilizes high-grade materials for resistance against weather, ensuring your BBQ stays protected.
  • Padded Base: Offers extra cushioning for the BBQ during travel, minimizing the risk of damage.
  • Odor-Locking Zippers: Designed to prevent odours from escaping the bag, keeping the surrounding area fresh.
  • Easy to Load and Clean: The bag opens fully for hassle-free loading and is made with a smooth interior for easy cleaning.
  • Comfortable Handles: Features soft-grip handles for easy transportation, reducing hand strain.

Enhance your outdoor cooking adventures with our BBQ Carry Bag, perfectly tailored for the Weber Q1000 Series. This bag offers a seamless travel experience, ensuring your vehicle remains pristine and free from grease and odours. Its robust construction combines water-resistant and abrasion-resistant materials with a padded base for ultimate protection.

The bag's design focuses on convenience and cleanliness. It features odour-locking zippers to keep your car and caravan clean and smelling fresh. A fully opening top simplifies loading and maintenance, and it is supported by an interior that's easy to wipe clean.

Comfort is key with wide, neoprene-gripped handles for easy transport, making it the ideal companion for your next outing. For more details, visit the product page.

(The product is manufactured by Outcamp and is not an official Weber product)