Visitor Guide to the Grampians

Exploring Victoria's Scenic Outback

Nestled in the heart of Victoria, the majestic Grampians region offers a plethora of natural wonders and unforgettable experiences for visitors. With its breathtaking mountain ranges, lush forests, and charming towns, this picturesque destination is the perfect escape for outdoor enthusiasts and those seeking a serene retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life.

As you embark on your journey through the Grampians and surrounding areas, prepare to be captivated by the diverse landscape, rich history, and vibrant culture. From hiking the famed Pinnacle walking trail and exploring quaint wineries, to marvelling at the ancient Aboriginal rock art sites and sampling local culinary delights, there is something for everyone to enjoy in this captivating corner of Australia.

So grab your camera, lace up your walking shoes, and get ready to uncover the hidden gems of the Grampians and its surrounding region. Whether it be for a weekend getaway or an extended adventure, the memories you create in this enchanting destination are sure to last a lifetime.

Grampians National Park Lookout

Discovering the Grampians

The Grampians, also known as Gariwerd by the local Indigenous people, is a breathtaking mountain range located in Victoria, Australia. One of the region's most alluring attractions is the Grampians National Park, with its stunning landscapes, wide-ranging wildlife, and rich cultural history.

When you visit the Grampians National Park, you'll be mesmerised by its natural beauty, with lush forests, cascading waterfalls, and impressive sandstone mountains. As you venture through the park, don't forget to take in the popular sights, such as the iconic Pinnacle, the awe-inspiring MacKenzie Falls, and the serene Lake Bellfield. Keep an eye out for native wildlife, including kangaroos, emus, and echidnas.

During your stay, make sure to explore the Grampians Peaks Trail, a challenging multi-day hike that takes you through the heart of the national park. This well-marked trail leads you past ancient rock art sites, panoramic viewpoints, and spectacular mountain landscapes—making for an unforgettable experience.

The Grampians Way is another excellent option if you prefer a scenic drive. This route circumnavigates the national park, allowing you to embrace the rugged beauty of the region from the comfort of your vehicle. Along the way, make stops at charming towns such as Dunkeld, Halls Gap, and Wartook, where you can stock up on supplies or enjoy a meal in local cafes and restaurants.

No visit to Gariwerd National Park would be complete without immersing yourself in its Indigenous history. Make time during your trip to learn about the traditional owners of the land, the Djab Wurrung and Jardwadjali peoples, and explore the park's numerous rock art sites as you gain a deeper understanding of their enduring connection to the area.

By embarking on this journey through the Grampians—whether it's hiking along the Peaks Trail, navigating the Grampians Way, or delving into the region's vibrant Indigenous history—you'll be creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Exploring Local Towns

Halls Gap - The Heart of the Grampians

In the heart of the Grampians, you'll find the small town of Halls Gap. This picturesque town is surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes and serves as the perfect base for your Grampians adventures. Take a leisurely stroll through the charming town centre, where you can find cute cafes, local artisan shops, and a warm and welcoming community.

While staying in Halls Gap, make sure to explore the nearby national park, with its diverse range of activities such as hiking, rock climbing, and wildlife spotting. You may even see kangaroos and emus roaming freely in their natural habitat.

Stawell Exploration

Stawell is another must-visit town in the Victoria region. Located just a short drive from Halls Gap, Stawell provides a great opportunity to experience country Victoria. As you wander through the historic town centre, you'll come across some of Australia's finest examples of 19th-century architecture.

While in Stawell, don't miss out on visiting Ararat and Hamilton, two significant towns in the region, offering even more opportunities to immerse yourself in local history and culture.

Additionally, make time to explore Horsham and Nhill, located in the wider Victoria region. These towns showcase the best of Australia's rural landscapes and provide a fantastic opportunity to witness the region's rich agricultural heritage.

Get out there and enjoy the Grampians and surrounding areas - your adventure awaits!

Trekking Trails

The Pinnacle Lookout

The Pinnacle Lookout is one of the most popular walking tracks in the Grampians. Prepare yourself for a moderate 4.2 km return hike that takes you through the captivating Grand Canyon and Silent Street towards the awe-inspiring views at the Pinnacle. The trek usually takes around 2-3 hours to complete, so don't forget to bring water, sunscreen, and sturdy shoes for a comfortable experience.

Venus Baths Loop

Looking for a leisurely stroll? The Venus Baths Loop is a short, 2.3 km circuit through the picturesque Wonderland Range. The track starts at the Halls Gap picnic area and leads you past the enticing Venus Baths, a series of water-filled rock pools perfect for a refreshing dip in the warmer months. This easy walk takes roughly 1 hour to complete, making it suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

The Balconies / Reed Lookout

For stunning panoramic views of the Victoria Valley, head to The Balconies and Reed Lookout. This 2 km return walk leads you past the Reed Lookout, which offers a vantage point over the surrounding landscape, before reaching The Balconies – an iconic rock formation perfect for a photo opportunity. Allow around 40 minutes for this enjoyable walk.

Boronia Peak Trail

Get ready for an invigorating trek up Boronia Peak Trail, a 6.6 km return walk that takes approximately 3-4 hours to complete. The trail starts at the Halls Gap Botanic Gardens and climbs up through tall eucalypt forests and rugged rock formations. At the summit, you'll be rewarded with breathtaking views over Halls Gap and Lake Bellfield.

Mount Rosea Loop Walk

Adventure enthusiasts should not miss the Mount Rosea Loop Walk, a challenging 9.6 km circuit offering a diverse range of landscapes. From dense forest tracks to open rocky outcrops, this trail provides a unique Grampians experience. Allow 4-5 hours to complete the circuit, and soak in the majestic scenery from the lookout at the peak of Mount Rosea along the way.


Grampians Waterfalls and streams

MacKenzie Falls

Visiting the Grampians, MacKenzie Falls is a must-see. This spectacular waterfall is one of the largest and most popular in the region. The short hike down to the base rewards you with an impressive view of the falls cascading over the rocks. Be sure to bring your camera, as you'll want to capture this stunning sight. The walk back up can be a bit steep, so wear comfortable shoes and take your time.

Silverband Falls

Silverband Falls offers a serene and tranquil experience. The waterfall is named for its unique, narrow band of water that gracefully flows down the rock face. A pleasant walk through the lush forest leads you to this hidden gem. Be prepared for some uneven ground and a few steps on the trail. Remember to listen for the soothing sounds of water meeting the rocks, as it provides a lovely soundtrack to your adventure.

Venus Baths

For a more relaxing destination, head to Venus Baths, a popular spot for both tourists and locals alike. Located near Halls Gap, these shallow rock pools offer a picturesque spot to cool off on a warm day. The gentle flow of water creates a calming atmosphere, perfect for unwinding amidst the surrounding natural beauty. While the water levels may vary depending on the season, it's still worth a visit to admire the captivating rock formations.

Remember to always exercise caution and respect the environment while exploring these magnificent waterfalls. Happy adventuring!

Experiencing Aboriginal Culture

Brambuk: The National Park and Cultural Centre

Immerse yourself in Aboriginal culture at Brambuk: The National Park and Cultural Centre. Located in Halls Gap, this award-winning centre is owned and operated by local Aboriginal communities. Here, you'll get an opportunity to learn about the rich history, traditions, and beliefs of Australia's Indigenous people through a variety of interactive exhibits, guided tours, and cultural workshops. Discover the significance of the Grampians landscape from a spiritual perspective, and don't miss the chance to taste some flavourful bush tucker at their on-site cafe.

Aboriginal Rock Art Sites

The Grampians region is well-known for its impressive Aboriginal rock art sites. Here, ancient art adorns the walls of sandstone shelters. The rock art, some estimated to be over 20,000 years old, offers a glimpse into the lives, culture, and spiritual beliefs of the area's First Peoples.

Some of the most popular rock art sites include:

  • Bunjil's Shelter: Located at the base of the Northern Grampians, this important site features the spiritual figure Bunjil, a wedge-tailed eagle believed to be the creator of the land.
  • Billimina Shelter: Situated in the Victoria Valley, this site is known for its abundance of human hand stencils and offers a more intimate experience.
  • Manja Shelter: Another fascinating site located along the Manja walking track, where you'll see hand stencils and zoomorphic designs painted by the Jardwadjali people.

To maximise your experience and understanding of these sacred sites, it's highly recommended to join a guided tour led by an Aboriginal guide. They'll share the stories, history, and significance of each rock art site, providing you with a deeper connection and appreciation for the ancient Aboriginal culture.

Remember to respect the cultural importance of these sites and follow the guidelines provided when visiting: leaving only footprints and taking only memories as you explore this essential part of the Grampians.

Visitor Guidance and Services

Visitor Information Centre

When you visit the Grampians, a great place to start is the Visitor Information Centre. Here, you'll find friendly staff who can answer your questions and provide helpful tips on things to see, do, and experience in the area. The centre has free maps, brochures, and various resources to help you plan your visit.

Grampians Official Visitor Guide

Don't forget to grab a copy of the Grampians Official Visitor Guide while you're there. This guide is packed with essential information, including:

  • Accommodation options
  • Local attractions
  • Tourist maps
  • Walking and cycling trails

The guide is available in print, but you can also access it online or download it as a PDF to take with you on your mobile device.

Visitor Information Centres

Taking advantage of Visitor Information Centres throughout the Grampians and surrounding area can enhance your experience. Find a list of available centres below:

  • Halls Gap Visitor Information Centre – Open daily, offering local knowledge, maps, and brochures.
  • Dunkeld Visitor Information Centre – Located at the southern entrance of the Grampians, they provide excellent advice and useful materials.
  • Ararat & Grampians Visitor Information Centre – A hub for information about the region, with friendly staff to guide you.

Visiting these centres will ensure you have all the information you need, and you'll appreciate the friendly and knowledgeable guidance. Enjoy your time exploring the beautiful Grampians!

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Adventure Sports

The Grampians region offers numerous exciting adventure sports for thrill-seekers like you. One of the most popular activities in the area is rock climbing. As you embark on this exhilarating sport, you'll be able to appreciate the breathtaking natural scenery that Victoria, Australia has to offer.

When you visit the Grampians, you'll find a variety of rock climbing routes, catering to all skill levels. Beginners can start with the easier climbs at Summerday Valley or Mount Rosea, while more experienced climbers may challenge themselves with the steeper routes at Taipan Wall and Bundaleer.

Aside from rock climbing, the Grampians also provides opportunities for:

  • Abseiling: Experience the thrill of descending down the rocky cliffs using ropes and harnesses.
  • Mountain biking: Traverse the diverse terrains within the national park on two wheels, exploring the various biking trails available.
  • Canoeing and kayaking: Paddle your way through the calm waters of lakes and rivers surrounding the Grampians, taking in the stunning landscapes as you go.

Remember to always prioritize your safety. Hire a professional guide if you're new to any of these sports, and make sure you have the appropriate gear and permits before embarking on your adventure. With the right preparation, you're sure to have an unforgettable experience exploring the great outdoors in the Grampians and its surrounding area.

Rich Flora and Fauna

As you explore the Grampians and the surrounding area in Victoria, you'll be amazed by the rich flora and fauna the region has to offer. With its stunning wildflowers, diverse range of animals, and pristine lakes, you'll find yourself immersed in the beauty of nature.

The Grampians is home to a wide variety of native plants, including an impressive display of wildflowers during spring. You'll come across vibrant blooms, such as the native orchids, Sturt's Desert Pea, and colourful grevilleas. These flowers not only add to the visual appeal of the region but also play an essential role in supporting the local ecosystem.

The region is also a haven for wildlife lovers. The Grampians boasts a remarkable mix of native wildlife, and one of the most iconic species you'll encounter is the kangaroo. You'll often see these marsupials lazing about in the grasslands or bounding across the landscape. Don't forget to keep an eye out for other fascinating creatures, such as the elusive platypus, cockatoos, and the friendly kookaburra.

Venturing through the Grampians, you'll discover numerous lakes that contribute to the thriving ecosystem. These lakes serve as essential habitats for a variety of plants, fish, and bird species. Relax by the water's edge and watch the local wildlife, or try your hand at spotting the resident waterbirds.

Remember to take the time to appreciate the wonders of the Grampians' flora and fauna during your visit. By doing so, you'll gain a deeper understanding of the rich biodiversity and the unique environment that makes this region so special.

Lodging and Accommodation

Visiting the Grampians and surrounding areas in Victoria is a fantastic adventure. One of the most important decisions to make is where to stay during your trip. There is a variety of lodging and accommodation options available to suit all travellers, and here are some recommendations.

Camping is a popular way to experience the beauty of the Grampians. There are many excellent campgrounds throughout the area, providing a range of facilities from basic sites to more comfortable stays. Halls Gap Lakeside Tourist Park and Grampians Paradise Camping are two great options to get you started. Remember to pack your camping essentials and check the park's regulations before setting up your tent.

If you prefer a cabin or cottage experience, there are several cosy options available. The Halls Gap Escape and Boronia Peak Villas offer self-contained accommodation with all the comforts of home. These properties often provide outstanding views of the surrounding nature and cater to various budgets.

Hotel and motel options are plentiful in the region, such as the Comfort Inn Country Plaza Halls Gap and the Mountain View Motor Inn & Holiday Lodges. These establishments provide a comfortable base for exploring the Grampians while offering amenities like air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and on-site parking.

If you're looking for a unique experience, why not try a bed and breakfast? A stay at one of these charming properties allows you to enjoy a taste of local hospitality. Gariwerd Motel and Heatherlie Cottages are known for their warm, welcoming atmosphere and delicious breakfast offerings. You'll feel right at home and leave refreshed to continue your adventures.

No matter your preference or budget, the Grampians and surrounding areas offer a wide range of lodging and accommodation choices to make your visit an unforgettable one.

Cultural Attractions

As you explore the Grampians region, you're sure to come across an array of cultural attractions that showcase the rich heritage and vibrant arts scene of Victoria. The area is home to various galleries and studios featuring the works of talented local artists, as well as unique sites that pay tribute to the area's history.

One highlight you won't want to miss is the Silo Art Trail, a collection of large-scale murals painted on grain silos throughout the region. These stunning artworks not only celebrate the beauty and diversity of the Grampians, but also tell the stories of the local communities. The trail is an awe-inspiring journey, offering incredible photo opportunities and a chance to admire regional Australia's rich agricultural history.

In addition to the Silo Art Trail, several towns in the Grampians boast their own noteworthy art scenes. From hands-on workshops to inspiring exhibitions, there's plenty to experience. You can also discover Aboriginal rock art sites that give a glimpse into the lives of the traditional custodians of the land. When visiting these cultural treasures, remember to respect the sites and follow any guidelines provided.

The Grampians and its surroundings offer a wide range of events and festivals throughout the year, celebrating everything from music and food to art and culture. Make sure to check local listings to find out what's happening during your visit.

By immersing yourself in the cultural attractions of the Grampians, you'll gain a deeper appreciation for the area's unique history, heritage, and artistic endeavours. Enjoy your visit and happy exploring!


The Grampians and surrounding areas in Victoria offer a truly captivating and memorable experience for visitors. As you traverse this remarkable region, you'll be captivated by picturesque landscapes, vibrant wildlife, and welcoming communities. There's no doubt you'll find a unique blend of relaxation, adventure, and serenity.

From exploring the depths of the majestic Grampians National Park to indulging in the region's exquisite local produce and world-class wineries, you've got options for every taste and preference. Embrace your adventurous side by embarking on one of the numerous hiking trails, visiting Aboriginal cultural sites, or immersing yourself in outdoor pursuits like rock climbing and fishing.

In addition to the natural attractions, you'll be delighted by the friendly atmosphere in local towns such as Halls Gap and Stawell. These communities are the perfect places to rest your weary feet, enjoy scrumptious meals, and uncover the stories behind the region's rich history.

As you reminisce about your unforgettable experience in the Grampians and its surrounding area, don't forget to share your stories, photos, and memories with others. Encourage friends and family to visit this extraordinary region in Victoria, so they too can uncover the marvellous beauty and charm that await.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top attractions in the Grampians?

The Grampians offer a variety of attractions for all types of visitors. Some notable ones include:

  • The Pinnacle, a spectacular viewpoint with breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape
  • MacKenzie Falls, a stunning waterfall with a beautiful walking track
  • The Balconies, another impressive viewpoint with rock formations
  • Halls Gap, a charming town located within the Grampians National Park
  • Brambuk National Park and Cultural Centre, offering an insight into the local Indigenous culture

Where can I find accommodation near the Grampians?

There are several options for accommodation near the Grampians, catering to different budgets and preferences. These include:

  • Motels and hotels in nearby towns like Halls Gap, Stawell, and Ararat
  • Self-contained cottages and cabins in the Grampians National Park
  • Caravan parks and camping grounds for those who prefer a more rustic experience
  • Airbnb listings in the surrounding towns and countryside

What are the best walking trails in the Grampians?

The Grampians boasts an extensive network of walking trails, suitable for all fitness levels. Some popular trails include:

  • The Pinnacle Walk, a moderate hike leading to the iconic viewpoint
  • The Balconies Walk, an easy stroll to the rock formations with panoramic views
  • MacKenzie Falls Walk, a short hike to the base of the cascading waterfall
  • The Wonderland Loop, a challenging but rewarding circuit showcasing the park's diverse landscapes

How do I get to the Grampians from Melbourne?

The Grampians are approximately a 3-hour drive from Melbourne. To get there by car:

  1. Take the Western Freeway (M8) towards Ballarat
  2. Continue on the Western Highway (A8) towards Ararat
  3. Turn onto the C222 at Ararat to enter Grampians National Park

Alternatively, you can take public transport (train and bus) from Melbourne to Halls Gap, with a journey time of around 4.5 hours.

Are there any recommended 4WD tracks in the Grampians?

Yes, there are several 4WD tracks in the Grampians to explore, offering a unique way to experience the diverse landscapes and terrain. Some popular tracks include:

  • Mount Difficult Road, a challenging route with steep inclines and loose surfaces
  • Victoria Range Track, running through the rugged Victoria Range with superb views
  • Serra Road, a scenic drive past sandstone cliffs and lush forests

Please note that some tracks may be closed during certain periods due to weather or maintenance. Always check local conditions before embarking on a 4WD adventure.

What towns are near the Grampians in Victoria?

Several picturesque towns are located near the Grampians, each offering their own unique charm and attractions. Some of these include:

  • Halls Gap, a popular base for exploring the Grampians National Park
  • Stawell, home to the renowned Stawell Gift footrace and the Stawell Gold Mine
  • Ararat, a historic town with a rich gold-mining heritage
  • Dunkeld, a quaint village at the southern gateway to the Grampians
  • Pomonal, known for its native gardens and wildlife encounters
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