camping equipment guide

your guide to the best camping equipment to suit your needs

fixed, folding and solar blankets

Using a portable solar systems allows you to travel to unpowered and remote locations without sacrificing items like fridges, LED camping lights, mobile devices and more. Swapping a generator for solar panels means you don’t have to detract from the peace and quiet you went outdoors to find.

12V Solar Panels work by converting sunlight into an electric current which can be used to charge batteries or converted using an inverter to safely power 240V appliances such as laptops and phone chargers. While solar panels are simple to set up and use, choosing the right one takes a little more consideration. With a range of solar panel brands on the market, you need to know that the products you are buying will meet your power requirements and are of high enough quality to last.

leatherman multi tools

The three things you need to conquer your everyday: your know-how, your own two hands, and your Leatherman.

Together, you’re prepared for anything. Bring it on, life.

With a huge selection of products available from Leatherman we have compiled a list of the most popular units to guide you in the decision to find the best tool for your circumstances.

led camping lights and lanterns

The latest generation of LED lights for inside your tents and camper trailers are amazing with incredible brightness and battery life and many can even be used to charge phones tablets and other USB devices.

With power banks up to 5000ah and solar charging capabilities these lights become a safety device if your off in remote areas hiking. Bringing the peace of mind knowing that you can can have a backup power source for charging phones or GPS unit.

led lenser headlamps

LED lights today are getting brighter and brighter; smaller and smaller. But is brighter really better if the quality of the light is compromised by outdated focusing technology?

Is a smaller frame enough, or should it be a smaller frame that can be operated with only one hand? How about beam distance and run time? Warranty and materials? While most light companies want to tell you about their quantity of lumens (brightness), we’d like to talk to you about our quality.

We’d like to show you the difference between bright and clearly brighter - what it means when your light is a German engineered Led Lenser.