South Australia's mountain bike trails and regions

Hey there, fellow mountain bike enthusiasts! South Australia is often overlooked as a premier mountain biking destination, but it has so much to offer. With a diverse landscape that includes rolling hills, lush forests, and rugged outback terrain, South Australia provides a thrilling and unique experience that should be on every traveler's bucket list. Whether you're a seasoned rider or a beginner looking to explore new trails, South Australia has something for everyone.

The benefits of mountain biking extend beyond personal enjoyment, as it also positively impacts local communities around the trails. As more travelers visit these regions, they bring economic benefits through increased tourism, supporting local businesses such as accommodations, cafes, and bike shops. This creates a sustainable cycle where communities can flourish while preserving their natural environment and promoting healthy, active lifestyles.

Another reason to visit South Australia's bike regions is the connection to nature that mountain biking provides. With the opportunity to explore stunning landscapes while exercising, you can improve your physical and mental well-being in a fun and exhilarating way. The trails in South Australia are carefully designed to showcase the region's beauty while also minimizing environmental impact, ensuring that future generations can enjoy these pristine areas.

So, dust off your helmet and prepare to be inspired, as we take you on a tour of South Australia's best mountain bike riding areas. In this comprehensive guide, we'll provide detailed information on individual trails in each area, with something to suit every rider's preference. Get ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime in South Australia's captivating bike regions!

  1. Eagle Mountain Bike Park, Adelaide Hills

Located just 12 kilometers from Adelaide's CBD, Eagle Mountain Bike Park is a haven for riders of all skill levels. Boasting over 20 kilometers of trails, you're bound to find something that suits your taste.

  • Eagle Super Loop (19.7km): A challenging circuit with technical sections and flowing descents, offering stunning views.
  • Downhill Track: Perfect for adrenaline junkies, with jumps, drops, and rock gardens to test your skills.
  • Little Quarry Loop (3.5km): A beginner-friendly loop with gentle climbs and descents.
  • Mawson Trail Connector (2.3km): Connects the Eagle MTB Park with the Mawson Trail, featuring some fun singletrack.
  • Sky singletrack (1.7km): A narrow and winding trail with short, punchy climbs and fast descents.
  • Grand Canyon (1.2km): A technical trail with rock gardens and tight switchbacks.
  • Currawong Circuit (2.5km): An intermediate loop with a mix of singletrack and fire roads.
  • Kangaroo Hop (1.5km): A fun trail with small jumps and berms, suitable for all skill levels.
  • Rock Wallaby (2.2km): A rocky, technical trail with steep climbs and descents.
  • Billabong (3.3km): A flowing trail that winds around a picturesque billabong, suitable for all riders.
  1. Melrose, Southern Flinders Ranges

Melrose, nestled at the base of Mount Remarkable, offers around 80 kilometers of trails to explore. The charming town is the perfect base to relax after a day of riding.

  • artagunyah Trails: A network of singletracks ranging from easy to advanced, with beautiful scenery.
  • The Outback Loop (34km): A lengthy ride through stunning landscapes, offering a taste of the Australian Outback.
  • Copper Track (5.5km): A challenging trail with steep climbs, technical descents, and rocky sections.
  • Ridge Track (4.7km): A picturesque trail that follows a ridge line, with panoramic views of the surrounding area.
  • Hangover Hill (2.8km): A steep, technical climb followed by a thrilling descent, perfect for advanced riders.
  • Jacka's Jumps (1.9km): A fun trail with a series of jumps, tabletops, and berms for those looking to get airborne.
  • Mt. Remarkable Summit Trail (7.2km): A challenging climb to the summit, rewarded with breathtaking views of Melrose and the surrounding region.
  • Waterfall Gully (2.5km): A flowing singletrack with some technical sections, leading to a beautiful waterfall.
  • Porcupine Trail (3.2km): A twisty and fun trail, suitable for intermediate riders.
  • Monument Trail (1.8km): A short but steep climb to a local monument with fantastic views.
  1. Craigburn Farm, Adelaide Hills

    Craigburn Farm is a hidden gem tucked away in the Adelaide Hills, with around 15 kilometers of trails that cater to riders of all abilities. The best part? The trails are accessible year-round! 

    • Dark Red Trail (3.8km): A beginner-friendly loop with gentle climbs and flowing descents.
    • Sidewinder (1.7km): A fun, intermediate trail with berms, rollers, and tight switchbacks.
    • Greenhill Loop (4.2km): A scenic trail with moderate climbs and descents, suitable for all skill levels.
    • The Corkscrew (1.4km): A technical, advanced trail with tight turns and steep, rocky sections.
    • Saddleback Loop (2.3km): A flowing singletrack with rolling terrain, perfect for intermediate riders.
    • Magpie Gulch (2.7km): A challenging trail with steep climbs and rocky descents, for experienced riders.
    • Sturt Gorge Connector (3.6km): A link to Sturt Gorge Recreation Park, featuring a mix of singletrack and fire roads.
    • Humpback(1.9km): A short but challenging trail with a steep climb and fast descent, perfect for advanced riders.
    • Wattle Loop (2.1km): A beginner-friendly trail with gentle climbs, rolling terrain, and beautiful scenery.
    • Switchback City (2.4km): A fun, intermediate trail with numerous switchbacks, berms, and rollers.
  1. Fox Creek, Adelaide Hills

Located in the picturesque Adelaide Hills, Fox Creek features a mix of cross-country, downhill, and all-mountain trails spread across a lush forest setting.

  • Crocodile (3.3km): A fast and flowing trail with tight turns, jumps, and some technical sections for intermediate and advanced riders.
  • Hines Ten (1.1km): A downhill trail with rock gardens, jumps, and steep chutes, perfect for experienced riders.
  • Little Fox (2.5km): A beginner-friendly loop with gentle climbs and descents, perfect for honing your skills.
  • Tunnel Vision (3.6km): A flowing singletrack with berms, rollers, and some technical sections.
  • The Gully (2.8km): A scenic, intermediate trail with challenging climbs and fast descents.
  • Staircase (1.3km): A technical, advanced trail with steep climbs, rock gardens, and tight switchbacks.
  • Fox Fast (2.7km): A fast, flowing trail with jumps and berms, suitable for intermediate and advanced riders.
  • Tree Hugger (1.6km): A twisty, fun trail that weaves through the forest, perfect for all skill levels.
  • Werewolf (2.2km): A challenging trail with steep, rocky sections and tight turns.
  • Cactus Run (1.9km): A beginner-friendly trail with gentle climbs and descents, perfect for a relaxing ride.
  1. Anstey Hill Recreation Park, Adelaide

Anstey Hill Recreation Park, situated in the northeastern suburbs of Adelaide, offers a variety of mountain bike trails with spectacular views of the city.

  • Quarry Loop (3.6km): An intermediate trail with scenic woodlands, old quarries, and a mix of challenging climbs and descents.
  • Torture Hill Climb (1.2km): An endurance-testing uphill slog with panoramic views at the top.
  • Wildflower Wander (2.3km): A beginner-friendly trail that meanders through beautiful wildflower meadows.
  • Silver Mine Loop (4.1km): A moderate trail with a mix of singletrack and fire roads, leading to an old silver mine.
  • Ridge Run (3.2km): A flowing singletrack with stunning views of the city and the surrounding hills.
  • Wombat Wallaby Way (2.7km): A fun, intermediate trail with berms, rollers, and tight switchbacks.
  • Rocky's Revenge (1.8km): A technical, advanced trail with rock gardens, steep climbs, and tight turns.
  • Echidna Alley (1.5km): A beginner-friendly trail with gentle climbs and descents, perfect for a leisurely ride.
  • Kangaroo Crossing (2.1km): A moderate trail with small jumps, berms, and a few technical sections.
  • Bush Turkey Trail (1.9km): A twisty, intermediate trail that weaves through the bushland, perfect for honing your skills.

Now you have an expanded list of 10 trails for each region, offering a variety of challenges and experiences for riders of all skill levels. Enjoy exploring these fantastic trails and discovering the natural beauty that South Australia has to offer. Happy riding!

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